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24 Hour Twitch Streaming Fundraiser (jhyang21)

Junhyeok Yang

Junhyeok Yang

Support mental healthcare for children at the Orange County Rescue Mission!

Every dollar you donate will be donated directly to the OCRM mental health support for children.


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. SWSusan Winterhoff
2. MJMark J
Support mental healthcare
3. JYJames Y
Good luck w/ ur stream I'll visit ocrm if theres anything L gp can help with next yr Vive la PHI Vive la (heart) Vive la mission of K
4. LCLuc C
Mental health is important Donation for one of "Cindy's" favorite oc shelter but you earn the rest P.s. K is watching :)
5. "L"Cindy" Lee
양양♡! 19.5 hours left. Good luck!!